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Cloud computing services offer numerous benefits

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Biometrics is very present in films and serials, especially those with police and investigative themes

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PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network that is used within a company

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A computer network is a computer interconnection to share information, resources and services


Monday, April 17, 2017


Current video surveillance or CCTV systems offer the possibility of accessing the images in real time from anywhere through the internet as well as the programming of events that will trigger an alarm or send a warning to a programmed address. Not only can we view the images from a remote site, but we can also check the recording history by reviewing what happened one day at a certain time and making a copy of the clip that interests us.

Likewise, the recording capacity of CCTV or CCTV systems has increased significantly in recent years, causing the systems to store several weeks of information. This combined with the high quality of the current cameras gives us the possibility to offer them systems of surveillance of high performance.

The developed software allows the same access to the images in PDA devices making it very versatile the access to the information from anywhere.

We have opted for the recording systems of the brand, a company with great experience in image processing with a long way in the field of computer science with the commercialization of capture cards and tuners of high quality.

How to install CCTV or CCTV?

A closed circuit television or CCTV is used to monitor your house, as it puts cameras in every corner of your home, according to your needs.

Once this is done, you should check each of the chosen positions, making sure that the camera's viewing angle is not blocked by objects such as curtains, plants or decorative elements.

When you are clear about your real surveillance needs, you should choose your surveillance system. Although you can combine several teams:

 We can find basic models formed by two cameras and cable connection, such as the Chacon watchdog kit.
More complex and complete models like this Samsung CCTV 4 surveillance kit, with Wi-Fi connection, 4 cameras, motion detectors and possibility to receive personalized announcements on the mobile phone.
A surveillance system must have at least 2-3 cameras, a recording unit as well as all necessary wiring. Generally, a team consisting of 3 cameras, if possible wireless by their ease of installation, is more than enough unless we want to cover a very large surface.

If you buy the cameras separately, you can find a wide range of models that take into account that is for indoor or outdoor, with night vision, motion sensor, different degrees of reach or addressable.

Once the cameras are chosen, we must choose the recording medium. This device will receive the signal emitted by the cameras, store the images and send them to a monitor.

In case of purchase of a kit, both the recorder and the monitors will be incorporated, as well as the software necessary to access the images from a mobile device or an external computer, provided that the kit offers this possibility.

Before installing the kit, you must make sure that all the components work. Once this is done, you can place the cameras at the chosen surveillance points.

Normally, the best place to place a camera is in the corner of the roof that is facing the door, so we will control the point of entry and have a fairly wide arc of vision. Depending on the type of camera, it can be fastened by means of screws and specific supports or it can be glued to the ceiling / wall.
Both the monitor and the recorder, you must place them away from the cameras, in a different room. If it is a basic model, you will have to make the connection using specific wiring. If it is a Wi-Fi model, you can save this part. You simply have to configure the software that comes with the computer.

On the other hand, the most complete equipment and those that come in kit come with specific software to configure and use the equipment. As a rule, this type of software is quite intuitive and is also available in the app version, to use it from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

With all this, you already have your CCTV system ready. If you have any questions, you can leave your comment in this post or open a new thread in the Community Forum.


Biometricas systems in Jaipur

Biometricas systems, services and technological solutions to SMEs, corporations and individuals helping them to achieve their business objective, boosting their growth, advising and providing quality solutions.

A versatile structure and a professional staff dedicated to generating, promoting and promoting strategic solutions, make it possible to maintain a constant growth in its products and services proposal, systems development and Web applications.


Upload the data of all the human resources that perform in your organization / institution.
Obtain the personal data of visits that enter the organization for various reasons.
Access the reports module to know the movements, schedules, reasons for absence, hours worked, and export the data you need to an Excel worksheet, print them in specially designed reports, or send them by email through our reports panel.
Set entry / exit times, lunch, and set times
Of tolerance.
Specify reasons for absences or late arrivals of staff.
Recognition 1: 1 and 1: N
Flexible and scannable software, your system can expand as your business grows.

The possibility of connecting several branches and obtaining information on the movements of all employees in a centralized way.
Obtain information on movements of those people who rotate through different branches.
No additional maintenance required.
Unlimited record capacity.
We have the ability to develop solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

Our system collects a series of points from a fingerprint and transforms it into an algorithm. Each algorithm is unique and particular, there are no two algorithms alike, uses less than a second to capture and identify the fingerprint holder.

As one of the safest methods of identification, biometrics is increasingly present in people's lives. Airports, bank branches, electronic ballots are even theme parks make use of this technique of recognizing the unique characteristics of each person.
You may have heard the term, but do you know what it is exactly? And what is the real usefulness of the idea? If these questions also crossed your mind, now is a good time to finish them off.

What is biometrics anyway?

Biometrics is very present in films and serials, especially those with police and investigative themes. It is not uncommon to have scenes in which, in order to open a door or a safe, the character needs to put his hand or eyes on a biometric scanner.

The term biometrics means biological measurement, that is, it is the study of the physical and behavioral characteristics of each person. The basic principle of this technique for identification is: your body, your password.

Although they became famous not long ago, the techniques of recognition by means of the characteristics of the people were already used in China in the year 800 AD, when merchants confirmed the identity of their clients by means of the printing of their fingerprints in mud tablets.

epabx networking in Jaipur

What is a PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network that is used within a company. PBX users share a defined number of telephone lines in order to make external calls.

The PBX connects the internal extensions within a company and at the same time connects them with the public switched network, also known as public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP Providers and SIP Trunks.

One of the most recent trends in the development of PBX PBXs is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

There are currently four different phone system options:

Virtual PBX Service
Virtual IP PBX Service
An IP PBX is a software-based telephone exchange that allows you to get several features and services that are usually very difficult and costly to implement with a traditional proprietary PBX.

3CX is a good example of an IP PBX.

Computer Network in Jaipur

A computer network is a computer interconnection to share information, resources and services. This interconnection can be through a physical (wired) or wireless link. The largest and most widespread computer network today is the Internet.

Some experts consider that a true computer network starts when three or more devices and / or computers are connected.

We offer consulting services in computer networks for small businesses and large corporations.
Highly qualified staff to advise you at all times and to carry out:

Personalized study of the current and future computer network
Optimal network design
Incorporate Required Network Services

Professional Techniques: Company specialized in Company Communications, we have a Technical Department specialized in the installation, management and maintenance of all types of wiring networks and communications infrastructures.

We carry out cabling installations for computer networks in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale cabling installations as well as an entire industrial installation: Voice, Data and Video Cabling, Electrical Cabling, Industrial Projects, etc.

In order to face with complete guarantee and success the installation of a Computer Network or Network of Communications, we have technical equipment for any project or installation in which they have to meet strict requirements in terms of development and installation times.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities so you can successfully implement your communications infrastructure or Computer Network.

Networks - Computer Networks - Industrial Installations

The wiring network, usually called Network Computing is the basis and without doubt the most important thing for all systems to function perfectly.
A good communications infrastructure ensures the proper functioning of the entire computer network or data network, of all systems and will offer us an overall optimum performance of both voice systems and data systems and video and collaboration.

In Professional Techniques we are specialists in designing, installing, managing, maintaining and managing wiring networks, whether structured cabling networks (voice, data and video), telephone networks or electrical networks, all of which must converge in a single network.

All the computer networks or wiring networks are installed directly and certified, for this, we have a highly qualified technical team formed, with experience shaken to make cabling installations.
All the personnel who install or perform technical tasks are Professional Technicians with years of experience in installation and management of computer networks.

We have our own latest generation Fluke DTX Cabling Certification equipment to certify and ensure the perfect operation with all the necessary guarantees, we certify all the computer networks or cable networks that we make or manage.

Make your Computer Network or Wiring Network:

The Certification of the Wiring of a Computer Network is a basic and essential service that must be demanded in any installation of wiring.

Certifying a cable network is the only guarantee to ensure that the computer network is fault-free and can support and provide the right performance for any computing or communications solution in your wiring network.

Structured Cabling Networks

Network installations for voice and data. Cables and materials of first technological line to guarantee the correct operation and a successful certification. Computing Network Cables with Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables.

• Design, Installation, Management and Maintenance of Wiring Networks and Computer Networks.
• Location Faults in Networks in Production.
Wiring Network Certification Service

Network Telephony

Conventional telephony networks are economic networks and allow management and maintenance at very low costs.

Although these networks have taken a back seat, it is feasible in certain installations to manage telephony with specific cabling.

We design the network, install the wiring, maintain and manage the installation, locate and troubleshoot.

VoIP Networks - Converged Networks

Converged Networks or VoIP Networks are the current infrastructures designed for perfect access to Voice, Data and Video.

We design a customized network providing LAN connection points where necessary and equipping the network with all the necessary elements (wiring, accessories and network electronics).

A VoIP network must be designed to deliver maximum performance and total availability. They are specially designed for Voice over IP or VoIP, Video and Data.

Fiber Optic Installation

Through optical fiber networks can be linked with a great availability of bandwidth and simple installation.

• Fiber Optic Connection
• Fiber Optic Links.
• Network Certification and Testing.
• Fiber Optic Networks.

Networking - Electronics Networking

In a network, electronics is the second most important equipment since it will manage all the voice, data and video packages.

An electronic mail network design will depend on the speed, performance, security and availability of the entire computer network.

Our Networking department is in charge of designing the most appropriate solutions for each network infrastructure.


Cloud computing services in Jaipur

Cloud computing services provide information technology (IT) as a service over the Internet or a dedicated network, with on-demand delivery and pay-as-you-go. Cloud computing services range from development platforms and complete applications to servers, storage and virtual desktops.

Who uses cloud computing services, and why?
Government agencies and corporations use cloud computing services to meet different infrastructure needs and applications such as CRM, databases, computing and data storage. Unlike a traditional IT environment where software and hardware are paid directly by the department and deployed over a period of months, cloud computing services provide IT resources in minutes or hours and align costs With actual use. As a result, organizations are more agile and can manage expenses more effectively. Consumers also use cloud computing services to simplify application usage, store, share and protect content, and allow access from any device connected to the Internet.
How do cloud computing services work?
Cloud computing services have several common attributes:
Virtualization: Cloud computing uses server virtualization and storage to broadly allocate / reassign resources quickly.
Multiuser: resources are grouped and shared among multiple users for economies of scale.
Network access: access to resources through a web browser or a thin client with different network devices (computer, tablet or smartphone).
On demand: resources are self-provisioned from an online catalog of predefined configurations.
Elasticity: automatic ascending and descending scaling is possible.
Measurement / charges: the use of resources is recorded and invoiced according to the organization of the services.
Among the various types of cloud computing services provided internally or by third-party service providers, the most common are:
Software as a Service (SaaS): The software runs on computers owned and managed by the SaaS provider, rather than being installed and managed on users' computers. Access to the software is obtained through the public Internet and is usually offered with monthly or annual subscription.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The IaaS provider provides computation, storage, networks and other elements (security, tools, etc.) via the public Internet, VPN or a dedicated network connection. Users own the operating systems, applications and information that runs on the infrastructure; Administered and paid for use.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provider provides all the software and hardware required to create and run cloud-based applications over the public Internet, VPN, or a dedicated network connection. Users pay for the use of the platform and control the way in which the applications are used throughout its life cycle.

Benefits of cloud computing services:

Cloud computing services offer numerous benefits, including:

Higher implementation speed and shorter response time that generates value
Access to applications and content from anywhere
Fast scalability to meet demand
Increased use of infrastructure investments
Lower infrastructure, energy and facility costs
Increased productivity of IT staff and the entire organization
Better security and greater protection of information assets

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