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Monday, April 17, 2017

Biometricas systems in Jaipur

Biometricas systems, services and technological solutions to SMEs, corporations and individuals helping them to achieve their business objective, boosting their growth, advising and providing quality solutions.

A versatile structure and a professional staff dedicated to generating, promoting and promoting strategic solutions, make it possible to maintain a constant growth in its products and services proposal, systems development and Web applications.


Upload the data of all the human resources that perform in your organization / institution.
Obtain the personal data of visits that enter the organization for various reasons.
Access the reports module to know the movements, schedules, reasons for absence, hours worked, and export the data you need to an Excel worksheet, print them in specially designed reports, or send them by email through our reports panel.
Set entry / exit times, lunch, and set times
Of tolerance.
Specify reasons for absences or late arrivals of staff.
Recognition 1: 1 and 1: N
Flexible and scannable software, your system can expand as your business grows.

The possibility of connecting several branches and obtaining information on the movements of all employees in a centralized way.
Obtain information on movements of those people who rotate through different branches.
No additional maintenance required.
Unlimited record capacity.
We have the ability to develop solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

Our system collects a series of points from a fingerprint and transforms it into an algorithm. Each algorithm is unique and particular, there are no two algorithms alike, uses less than a second to capture and identify the fingerprint holder.

As one of the safest methods of identification, biometrics is increasingly present in people's lives. Airports, bank branches, electronic ballots are even theme parks make use of this technique of recognizing the unique characteristics of each person.
You may have heard the term, but do you know what it is exactly? And what is the real usefulness of the idea? If these questions also crossed your mind, now is a good time to finish them off.

What is biometrics anyway?

Biometrics is very present in films and serials, especially those with police and investigative themes. It is not uncommon to have scenes in which, in order to open a door or a safe, the character needs to put his hand or eyes on a biometric scanner.

The term biometrics means biological measurement, that is, it is the study of the physical and behavioral characteristics of each person. The basic principle of this technique for identification is: your body, your password.

Although they became famous not long ago, the techniques of recognition by means of the characteristics of the people were already used in China in the year 800 AD, when merchants confirmed the identity of their clients by means of the printing of their fingerprints in mud tablets.

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