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Monday, April 17, 2017

Computer Network in Jaipur

A computer network is a computer interconnection to share information, resources and services. This interconnection can be through a physical (wired) or wireless link. The largest and most widespread computer network today is the Internet.

Some experts consider that a true computer network starts when three or more devices and / or computers are connected.

We offer consulting services in computer networks for small businesses and large corporations.
Highly qualified staff to advise you at all times and to carry out:

Personalized study of the current and future computer network
Optimal network design
Incorporate Required Network Services

Professional Techniques: Company specialized in Company Communications, we have a Technical Department specialized in the installation, management and maintenance of all types of wiring networks and communications infrastructures.

We carry out cabling installations for computer networks in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale cabling installations as well as an entire industrial installation: Voice, Data and Video Cabling, Electrical Cabling, Industrial Projects, etc.

In order to face with complete guarantee and success the installation of a Computer Network or Network of Communications, we have technical equipment for any project or installation in which they have to meet strict requirements in terms of development and installation times.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities so you can successfully implement your communications infrastructure or Computer Network.

Networks - Computer Networks - Industrial Installations

The wiring network, usually called Network Computing is the basis and without doubt the most important thing for all systems to function perfectly.
A good communications infrastructure ensures the proper functioning of the entire computer network or data network, of all systems and will offer us an overall optimum performance of both voice systems and data systems and video and collaboration.

In Professional Techniques we are specialists in designing, installing, managing, maintaining and managing wiring networks, whether structured cabling networks (voice, data and video), telephone networks or electrical networks, all of which must converge in a single network.

All the computer networks or wiring networks are installed directly and certified, for this, we have a highly qualified technical team formed, with experience shaken to make cabling installations.
All the personnel who install or perform technical tasks are Professional Technicians with years of experience in installation and management of computer networks.

We have our own latest generation Fluke DTX Cabling Certification equipment to certify and ensure the perfect operation with all the necessary guarantees, we certify all the computer networks or cable networks that we make or manage.

Make your Computer Network or Wiring Network:

The Certification of the Wiring of a Computer Network is a basic and essential service that must be demanded in any installation of wiring.

Certifying a cable network is the only guarantee to ensure that the computer network is fault-free and can support and provide the right performance for any computing or communications solution in your wiring network.

Structured Cabling Networks

Network installations for voice and data. Cables and materials of first technological line to guarantee the correct operation and a successful certification. Computing Network Cables with Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables.

• Design, Installation, Management and Maintenance of Wiring Networks and Computer Networks.
• Location Faults in Networks in Production.
Wiring Network Certification Service

Network Telephony

Conventional telephony networks are economic networks and allow management and maintenance at very low costs.

Although these networks have taken a back seat, it is feasible in certain installations to manage telephony with specific cabling.

We design the network, install the wiring, maintain and manage the installation, locate and troubleshoot.

VoIP Networks - Converged Networks

Converged Networks or VoIP Networks are the current infrastructures designed for perfect access to Voice, Data and Video.

We design a customized network providing LAN connection points where necessary and equipping the network with all the necessary elements (wiring, accessories and network electronics).

A VoIP network must be designed to deliver maximum performance and total availability. They are specially designed for Voice over IP or VoIP, Video and Data.

Fiber Optic Installation

Through optical fiber networks can be linked with a great availability of bandwidth and simple installation.

• Fiber Optic Connection
• Fiber Optic Links.
• Network Certification and Testing.
• Fiber Optic Networks.

Networking - Electronics Networking

In a network, electronics is the second most important equipment since it will manage all the voice, data and video packages.

An electronic mail network design will depend on the speed, performance, security and availability of the entire computer network.

Our Networking department is in charge of designing the most appropriate solutions for each network infrastructure.


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