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Current video surveillance or CCTV systems offer the possibility of accessing the images in real time from anywhere through the internet as well as the programming of events that will trigger an alarm or send a warning to a programmed address. Not only can we view the images from a remote site, but we can also check the recording history by reviewing what happened one day at a certain time and making a copy of the clip that interests us.

Likewise, the recording capacity of CCTV or CCTV systems has increased significantly in recent years, causing the systems to store several weeks of information. This combined with the high quality of the current cameras gives us the possibility to offer them systems of surveillance of high performance.

The developed software allows the same access to the images in PDA devices making it very versatile the access to the information from anywhere.

We have opted for the recording systems of the brand, a company with great experience in image processing with a long way in the field of computer science with the commercialization of capture cards and tuners of high quality.

How to install CCTV or CCTV?

A closed circuit television or CCTV is used to monitor your house, as it puts cameras in every corner of your home, according to your needs.

Once this is done, you should check each of the chosen positions, making sure that the camera's viewing angle is not blocked by objects such as curtains, plants or decorative elements.

When you are clear about your real surveillance needs, you should choose your surveillance system. Although you can combine several teams:

 We can find basic models formed by two cameras and cable connection, such as the Chacon watchdog kit.
More complex and complete models like this Samsung CCTV 4 surveillance kit, with Wi-Fi connection, 4 cameras, motion detectors and possibility to receive personalized announcements on the mobile phone.
A surveillance system must have at least 2-3 cameras, a recording unit as well as all necessary wiring. Generally, a team consisting of 3 cameras, if possible wireless by their ease of installation, is more than enough unless we want to cover a very large surface.

If you buy the cameras separately, you can find a wide range of models that take into account that is for indoor or outdoor, with night vision, motion sensor, different degrees of reach or addressable.

Once the cameras are chosen, we must choose the recording medium. This device will receive the signal emitted by the cameras, store the images and send them to a monitor.

In case of purchase of a kit, both the recorder and the monitors will be incorporated, as well as the software necessary to access the images from a mobile device or an external computer, provided that the kit offers this possibility.

Before installing the kit, you must make sure that all the components work. Once this is done, you can place the cameras at the chosen surveillance points.

Normally, the best place to place a camera is in the corner of the roof that is facing the door, so we will control the point of entry and have a fairly wide arc of vision. Depending on the type of camera, it can be fastened by means of screws and specific supports or it can be glued to the ceiling / wall.
Both the monitor and the recorder, you must place them away from the cameras, in a different room. If it is a basic model, you will have to make the connection using specific wiring. If it is a Wi-Fi model, you can save this part. You simply have to configure the software that comes with the computer.

On the other hand, the most complete equipment and those that come in kit come with specific software to configure and use the equipment. As a rule, this type of software is quite intuitive and is also available in the app version, to use it from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

With all this, you already have your CCTV system ready. If you have any questions, you can leave your comment in this post or open a new thread in the Community Forum.

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